We create business value for our clients and valued content for consumers.

We use unique consumer insights to create short-form video programming to engage consumers
and then syndicate that content broadly across the web to connect them with our client’s brands.

In over 40 collective years of experience in Marketing we’ve pretty much seen it all.
We’ve been agency execs, client side marketers, publisher reps and now entrepreneurs.

A few key questions always concerned us:

  • Why is the Marketing process for clients largely inefficient and disconnected from deep consumer insight?
  • Why does the basic tenet of a commercial conversation almost always rely on interrupting the consumer?

We saw an opportunity to make the process more effective, efficient, more transparent, more affordable, instantly scalable among communities of a brand's core prospects.

And, at the same time, make the process much better for the consumer by truly understanding, and then meeting, her needs in an invitational environment.

The Accountable Content Model: Insight Driven and Affordable

Our Process for Success

We believe effective marketing occurs at the intersection between:

  • What is true & authentic about your brand at its best,
    (Brand Equity)
  • And...what is meaningful and
    aspirational in the mind of your
    most lucrative consumer, both
    now and in the future,
    (Brand Relevance)
  • By creating content that meets a
    defined & important consumer need &
    integrates the brand in a compelling way
    (Brand Activation)
  • To create an ownable position over time.
    (Brand Trajectory)