Core Behavioral Philosophy

Most Agencies Segment and target consumers demographically, even if those consumers are not the most likely to buy your product. Content creation is built around demographic assumptions. Accountable Content Philosophy At Accountable Content we target the mindset of your best customers and provide messages and content experiences for those consumers who are based on our immersion in to their lives.

Consumers don't make
demographic decisions,
only marketers do.

Our Consumer Insight Process:
  • Relying heavily on ethnography, we gather insights about brand lovers in the context of their everyday lives.
  • Without prodding or shaping we observe their behaviors and pay close attention to the patterns that emerge in their choices as well as how they describe their choices and goals.
  • We then use syndicated data to model against this mindset model to allow us to create a powerful intersection of qualitative and quantitative insights.


Why it matters

More and more, the emphasis in marketing circles is on increasing relevancy and involvement within a well-defined source of business.

This shift from generating "impressions" to inspiring behavior in the context of relationship requires more effort to show genuine understanding of your customer's aspirations and struggles.

Great companies don't guess about what matters to their best customers. They know it and they demonstrate that empathy through their actions and offerings.